Incredible India

Where should you go on your trip(s) of a lifetime?

That of course is totally up to you!

It’s a huge exciting world out there and you can easily spend a lifetime in a single spot and still not experience all it has to offer.  But why settle for a single spot when the world is full of spots?

Our view is that you should experience as many fantastic places as you can around the world, but do it economically.

Why waste money on expensive experiences on a consistent basis, when you could use it to experience lots of other wonderful places on our planet?

To start with, there are lots of brilliant places on your doorstep.

Asia has heaps to offer and the $Aus currently has a lot of power all over the region.

Europe always has lots to offer and since the Global Financial Crisis, the $Aus now goes further than ever.  Eastern Europe in particular is quite economical when compared to western Europe.  Also, countries that were hit hard by the economic crisis are very cheap these days: countries like Spain, Portugal and Greece.

North America is a great destination and with the USA receiving a giant kick in the guts combined with the strong $Aus provides great value. South America provides even more contrasts and cultures for even less money than its northern counterpart.

And Africa is vast, virtually unexplored by most and is generally as cheap as chips.

Throw in all the other places like the Middle East, the Caribbean, Central America, the Pacific Islands and you have a whole world of choices waiting for you.  Too many countries, not enough time?

Make a list of places you would most like to go and start planning!  And the internet will provide just about every piece of information you may need.

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