Your feet have never been so clean.

Some of our readers may be considering the benefits of retiring overseas.


There are many places in the world that now offer everything you may need in retirement, but at a much more affordable price!

For example, would you consider retiring (or semi-retiring, or having extended stays) in another place if it offered cheap, clean accommodation, cheap quality entertainment and food, medical facilities, excellent climate, cheap flights, easy to fly home any time, or for others to visit!?

Many places in the Asia Pacific region now offer retirement options (and incentives!) to people from other countries.

Why spend your valuable Aussie dollars, or other currencies, when they will go 3 or more times as far in other countries!?

This page provides links to some of these options!

1.  The best place to start in looking  for retirement options is to go to the particular country’s official information pages.  Google the embassy/ immigration department for that particular country and then explore the possibilities.

2. Google appropriate phrases and see what comes up, eg

” retiring in Thailand”     “living in Thailand”     “retirement incentives in Asia” and so on.

3.  Here are a couple of other links that may be of interest:     talks about how much to live in Thailand    is by an early retired couple

Everybody will be looking for something different so it’s probably best to do your own searches.  We will continue to add more good ones as we come across them.  Our current preference is to stay on the move rather than being tied to any one spot.

As they say, variety is the spice of life.



   What is the cost of living in some of the cheaper places around the world?

Our research indicates that it is possible to live in certain locations for as little as $1200 per month!!  This figure includes the cost of accommodation, entertainment, travel, and meals.

According to  the cost of living (per month) is as follows:

Argentina (Buenos Aires):  $4000

Belize  (Cayo)  $2200

Brazil  (Macelo)  $2700

Colombia (Medelin)  $2000

Chile  (La Serena) $2500

Ecuador  (Cuenca)  $2000

France  (Bearn)  $3000

Italy  (Abruzzo)  $2400

Malaysia  (Kuala Lumpur)  $1600

Mexico  (Puerto LVallarta  $2500

Panama (Panama City)  $2500

Thailand  (Chiang Mai)  $1200

Uruguay  (Atlantida)  $2300

As you can see from this list, Thailand and Malaysia, both in Asia, are the two cheapest on this list.  We can vouch from personal experience that these costs are EASILY achievable.  As a couple we always try for a minimum of double room with bathroom.  For this sort of money we have also been able to find free Wifi, and often a pool.  Very good accommodation, with airconditioning and bathroom can be found for $20 per night and costs can be greatly reduced by booking monthly!