Baan Nitra Guest house – $20 a double

In this section we feature great places that you can stay in, economically, around the world.

In most cases we will provide links to other websites that we have found to be useful, in order to save you time trawling the internet to find suitable sites.

Although many of the best places to stay are featured on the internet, there are so many sites, and so many ploys used by companies to feature more prominently than other sites, that it is often difficult to find them.

For example, we wanted to stay in London for the 2012 Olympics.  When we first started searching, all we could find were hotel rooms starting at approximately $300Aus.  Eventually though, with hours of digging deeper and searching through the ‘layers,’ we were able to find excellent accommodation, totally suited to our needs, for $72Aus per double per night.  This was based on a $90 charge plus 20% discount on all future bookings.

We highly recommend the following sites:

When you arrive in a place, most people like to have their first night or 2 booked.  This is good practice because it enables you to go straight to your accommodation from the airport, or train station, or bus station, to settle in and get your bearings.  What we often find however, is that there are even better value places nearby and with a bit of wandering, chatting and negotiating, you can find an even better spot.

For example in Kuala Lumpur a few years ago we booked a 4 star hotel for $40Aus per night.  This sounded like an excellent deal and we weren’t disappointed.  However, when we arrived, a slightly inferior hotel next door was advertised for $30Aus per night.  On inquiry about a longer term stay, this was further reduced to $20Aus per night.  The massive buffet breakfast, which we took as brunch, virtually meant we were staying there for nothing!