For another evening of entertainment, Carly, Jenny and I went along to see the Simon Cabaret Lady Boy Show.  The girls perform three shows nightly and the show has been running for over twenty years since its debut in 1991.


The show wasn’t quite what I expected.  They seem to think they are true professional performers in their own right.  A few of the performers did come close, but quite a few  came up just a touch short.  I think I, like some others in the audience, were expecting it to be a little more sexy and a little less lame!




But there were some positives.  They had a few great songs – only a few.  Excellent sound and lighting.  The lipsynching was quite a high standard for lipsynching.  I think one woman may have even been singing.  The sets and costumes were really outstanding.  No expense had been spared in that department.  One of the performers did a great job doing two solo performances: ‘I’m a Barbie Girl’ and ‘I Will Survive.‘  Dressed outrageously with massive fake boobs, she had the audience in fits as she planted kisses on the cheeks of a mixture of male audience members.

The Japanese in the audience really seemed to enjoy a couple of cultural numbers.  They did quite a few Thai and Asian performances and there was even an Egyptian number with a particularly elaborate set, given it only went for a few minutes.

After the show the lady boys all gathered outside the theatre where you could photograph them.  Personal photos required a tip.

You have to admire the effort the lady boys, the choreographers, the male support dancers and the whole team put into the show, even though it wasn’t really my cup of tea.  It’s probably a better employment option than others they may be faced with if the show didn’t exist.

Probably worth a visit if only for the post-show photo opportunities.  Good clean family entertainment in the cabaret tradition.