Hip Hop Boys Laos - Blog & VIDEO

Five nights a week at 7 pm the Hive Bar and Restaurant puts on a live ethnic fashion show for its customers.  It features about 18 local girls and a couple of local guys showing off ethnic fashions from around Laos.

There are 49 ethnic groups living in Laos today.  Many continue to live and dress in clothes that are hand woven and use embroidery and traditional weaving styles.

On three nights a week, straight after the fashion show at around 8pm, the local lads put on a show of hip hop dancing.

The fashion show was excellent.  Backed by boppy contemporary music, it was very entertaining.  The models do a great job parading around on the stage and clearly enjoy their work.  They even feature wedding outfits.

The Laos hip hop boys were sensational.  They have obviously seen the dance moves coming out of the US and with their young athletic bodies they have devoted themselves to hours of practice and come up with the goods.

Jenny got some great video and watching back over it is just as entertaining as seeing it live.  Some of the older boys must be around 20 but they have a cast of varying ages and actively encourage the younger kids to have a go.  They do some unbelievable moves and aren’t afraid to feel pain with some of their landings.

The hostess, Celine, a French Canadian, tells me that the boys have been at it for 2 years now.  They competed at an all-Asian hip hop contest featuring 10 countries and won 3rd prize.  Performing in front of an appreciative Western audience a few times a week has been good motivation and they are constantly improving.

So, if you are looking for a fun night out in Luang Prabang, before you hit the 10 Pin Bowling Centre (the place to go for all the backpackers!) head for The Hive at 7 pm.  It’s buzzing!