Jon and I had lots of fun playing with the baby tigers. It took us about 40 minutes from the old walled section of Chiang Mai in the open air taxi to get to Tiger Kingdom. We were glad that we hadn’t chosen one of the smaller tuk tuks for the same price as we were out on the open road for much of the trip. It cost us 300 baht ( $10 AUS ) return in the taxi, including the driver waiting for us for 2 hours.

There are heaps of  tame tigers at Tiger Kingdom, each with their own handler. There are no chains. The entrance fee is $17 a person and for that you can see all the tigers and  choose  to go in the cage with either the baby tigers, medium tigers or the big cats. You can pay a bit more to go in with all 3 groups.

While eating lunch in the restaurant you are entertained by watching others having their photos taken interacting with the large tigers which could be quite lively at times. However their handlers seemed to have things under control.

We had a great time and felt it was too good an opportunity to miss.