During our stay at Shanti Lodge, we were invited to attend a beach party on a nearby island.  It was to celebrate host Kim’s 50th Birthday Party, and no expense had been spared by brother Mondi.  Mondi had recently purchased a boat, but it wasn’t big enough to accommodate all of the party guests and sundry items in one trip, so there were 3 staggered departure times.

We chose the 1st boat-trip because this also included an opportunity to go snorkelling and kayaking.  The capacity of the boat was about 18, but our trip also took over all the snorkelling gear, a MASSIVE esky big enough for at least 100 drinks, a huge sound system and the kayaks.  After loading up the esky I wondered how they could possibly carry it to shore, but they simply dropped it over the edge and floated it in!

We cruised a bit along the coast and past nearby islands before landing on our pristine island beach and unloading.  Jenny and I had a great paddle on a tandem kayak before going snorkelling.  There was heaps of coral just off the island and it was brimming with beautiful tropical fish.  A great experience.

By the time the other 2 boatloads arrived, we were well into party mode.  In the tropical heat, after a kayak and a snorkel, and soaking in the wonderful views, the beers have never tasted better!  The Thai cook then proceeded to cook up a storm over hot coals: mussels, fish, prawns, spicy sausages, ribs and steak were all on offer, accompanied by the usual condiments, breads, rice and salads.  A magnificent feast!

Meanwhile, Andre, a charismatic Russian also staying at Shanti, churned out party music, particularly Reggae, on the sound system.  A wonderful sunset over the mainland opposite, lots of great chat and just soaking it up.  The Thai staff from Shanti and a mixed bag of foreigners from many nations partied into the night!

The FIRST boat left at 1:30 am to go back, and having put in a 12 hour session, we decided to be on it.  Some of the younger ones stayed on for an all-nighter!  A great Thai Party experience!


Arriving on the island.