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How do you sum up Morocco?




After 3 entertaining weeks in this amazing country, here are just a few random observations, each worthy of an  exclamation mark!








*   Moroccan fruit goes off quickly but has great taste!

*   You still see guys with yellow vests standing at railway crossings with flags to warn motorists about oncoming trains!

*   There is a shepherd for every small flock of sheep, herd of cattle etc!

*   What a life for many, with no way of ever escaping poverty!

*   Lots of guys hang out at the coffee shops!

*   The regular calls to prayer are ubiquitous!









*   Some areas of Fez have had running water for over 20 centuries! – Some still haven’t got it!

*   Who grows prickly pear?!

*   Almost all of the houses are square-shaped and many look unfinished!

*   The outside of a dwelling may look ordinary, but the inside may not!  Some riads are like palaces inside!









*   How do camels last so long without water?!

*   Thank god for dung beetles or there would be a lot of camel shit in the desert!

*   Morocco needs a better garbage collection system, involving bins!

*   One often becomes aware of the distinctive Moroccan smell, which is a mix of garbage, olive oil, spices, donkey shit and rotten fruit!

*   You can’t make a huge living selling single cigarettes on a side street!

*   It is possible to learn 7 languages, quite fluently, without ever leaving your village!










*   And the main square of Marrakech has to be seen to be believed, with its acrobats,  storytellers, stalls, monkeys,  snake-charmers, cafes, souvenirs,  false teeth, exotic animal skins for sale, restaurants, arts and crafts, clothes, spices, lanterns and so on, especially at night!

*   If you are lost then a guide seeking a tip is only steps away!

*   The people are friendly and you will be sad to leave!

Leather tannery, Fez

Leather tannery, Fez