Our visit to the Grand Canyon had been a long time coming.  We originally booked a flight over the canyon way back in the Christmas holidays of 1978.  Our flight was cancelled due to snow, so we had to wait another 35 years to see it.  But it was worth the wait!



This time round we hired a car instead of a plane. We drove out to the south rim, which is praised for offering the best views.  Once we were inside the national park, we were able to park the car and use the free shuttle services that take you around to the main viewpoints.




The views were breath-taking.  A picture paints a thousand words so I’ll let them tell the tale…..









There is a great visitor centre that you can check out.  It has a panoramic window view that would rival any view in the world.  There is also has an interesting photography studio set up precariously on the canyon edge many decades ago.

We saw an Imax presentation about the Grand Canyon which was very enjoyable.  It showed an outstanding re-enactment of some early explorers barreling down the Colorado River (which of course was responsible for carving out the canyon) in bulky wooden canoes.  Scary stuff!





The Grand Canyon has to be seen to be believed and should be high on anyone’s list if you are planning a visit to the USA.