Washington DC

The nation’s capital.

Capitol Building



Americans flock to this place, as do visitors from all over the world.

We enjoyed our few days in Washington and could easily have spent many more.


We stayed at a hotel downtown, which was a great idea because it enabled us to walk everywhere.  This took us to:



  • The Museum of American History: brilliant, could have spent a whole day there
  • The White House, with increased security after the Boston bombings
  • The White House

  • The Capitol building, a stunning building, including tour, which was a great insight into American politics and it’s history
  • The National Art Museum, great paintings, wonderful atmosphere
  • The Washington Monument, a typical architect-designed obelisk. What is it with obelisks?
  • The WWII Memorial: heaps of veterans on visits from all over America
  • The Korean War Memorial, unique
  • The Lincoln Memorial, a tribute to a much-loved president and site of Luther-King’s speech
  • Lincoln Memorial

  • The Martin Luther King Memorial  and gift shop, inspiring
  • Arlington Cemetery

  • The Arlington Cemetery, including the JFK memorial – wow, so many victims of war!



Washington is an amazing city.

The museums are not only stunning, they are free!

We were there in fine though fresh weather, which was great for extended walks around the city.

And we loved it.

We could have easily spent a lot longer to do justice to all of the fabulous museums, but we did get a good feel for the city and it was great staying in the center.