Let’s start at the very beginning…………..

Since seeing the movie as kids way back in 1965, The Sound of Music has been with us.  I wouldn’t mind a euro for every time my mother watched the movie…. it probably would have paid for the tour! We made inquiries about seeing all the locations on our last visit to Salzburg 30 years ago, but nobody seemed to know much about it then.

Things have changed.  Now the tourist bus companies are all over it.

We chose to do ours with Panorama Tours and our guide did a great job.  She looked the part, knew her stuff, including the songs, but had a slightly annoying voice.  We weren’t sure if she was trying to impersonate Julie Andrews, or Gretel, but the voice was more grate than great. 

Our group was blessed with a stunning day.  The colours of the sky, meadows and the lakes were so amazing that they looked enhanced!  And the hills really were alive with the sound of music.  I thought I would much rather be in a field than an abbey.

Abbey where Maria did her training.


Here are a few of our favourite things……..



Mirabell Gardens where many scenes were filmed and the fountain that they danced around.









16 going on 17 ????






The tour went for four hours and took in many of the sites in Salzburg and then out into the countryside where the scenery was spectacular.




The church where Maria and Captain Von Trapp were married.