Follow our adventures in THAILAND

We have been staying in Phuket this week, near Patong Beach, which is the 1st stop of our 2012/2013 world trip!  The weather has been fantastic and we have really been enjoying ourselves.  We have been staying at the APK Resort and Spa, which is a 10 minute stroll from the beach past all the ‘entertainment’ venues.

There are bars, restaurants, money changers, tattoo studios, souvenir shops, DVD stores, massage parlours etc everywhere!  The beach itself is unbelievable. For those who haven’t been to Patong beach, it’s a beautiful bay surrounded by hills and the water is so warm.  And every nation on earth seems to be represented on the beach.  There are umbrellas, lilos, water sports and food/drinks available for those who want them.

We have had some magnificent meals in and around our hotel and everything is very cheap if you are experienced bargain hunters like we are.  Our days are filled with walking, swimming, shopping, eating, relaxing, reading, internet, chatting, drinking and the odd massage.