After a week in a tent in Pamplona at the San Fermin Festival, we were looking forward to a night in a real bed.  Our first night in a pension in San Sebastian would have to rank as one of the best night’s of sleep in our lives!  I didn’t know a bed could feel SO good!



Pamplona was full-on so we decided on four relaxing days in San Sebastian to recuperate, before heading into France.  We bussed it into San Sebastian and then walked towards the beach to find a suitable pension.  Found a nice little place with our own balcony only 5 minutes from the beach near the railway station.



San Sebastian is just a wonderful city!  You would not find a more picturesque place anywhere.  The combination of stunning seafront, boats, horseshoe-shaped bay, sandy beach, beautiful blue water, charming old buildings and surrounding hills, has to be seen to be believed.


Jenny and I just loved promenading along the beach-front.  The people were friendly and there were lots of joggers, cyclists and inline skaters. The bike tracks are extensive and you can hire bikes to go exploring. They even have their own ‘Wimbledon Tennis Club.’  In the surrounding streets there are heaps of quaint little shops, cafes, tapas bars and places to explore.  We just felt as though you wouldn’t choose to be anywhere else.


And it’s not expensive.  We wined and dined for less than we did at the Pamplona campsite.





The best activity is just to wander around and soak it up!  Friends who have been here agree it has to be right up there with the best cities in the world to visit.  Make sure you make the effort to climb the massive hill to see the monument of Jesus.  There is a cute little museum up there, but the views are incredible.


If you get the chance, go there!