We are off to London tomorrow so we thought we should pay a visit to the dentist while we were here.


Sea Smile/ Patong Smile looked the goods and we were both able to have consecutive appointments with the same dentist, a great guy by the name of Dr Borisorn Udomthanaporn.


He cleaned our teeth and removed all the plaque and then gave them a thorough polishing with the help of two dental hygienists.  The whole process took the best part of an hour each and the cost was only $40 each.  They were very thorough, professional and gentle.  Brilliant.


Having not visited the dentist for some time, I was also up for 2 fillings.  Luckily I was able to book in yesterday.

The same dentist gave me the option of doing it with or without anaesthetic!!  He explained that without anaesthetic I could expect ‘moderate pain,’ and if the pain got too much I could raise my hand and he would administer the anaesthetic anyway.

The two fillings took more than an hour in the chair.  The team did an outstanding job.  It didn’t feel any different to the last time I had a filling done WITH the anaesthetic.

The dentist was a perfectionist and kept tinkering and adjusting until he was totally satisfied.  He also said I could come back for free adjustment if necessary.  Total cost, $80.

I would recommend these guys to anyone, and others we spoke to said the same, for the whole range of dental treatments.


So if you are in Phuket Thailand, you will find them on Rat-u-Thit Rd.  www.patongdentalsmile.com