Cheapest International Airline Tickets IN THE WORLD!!!!   For only $50!!!

Here’s our challenge to you.

Find the cheapest international airline ticket to anywhere in the world, on any date, and we will beat it!!!

After 7 years or so travelling the world, we think we have developed the strategies and contacts to beat your cheapest fare!

Here’s the deal……….

1.  Email us your cheapest quote:

2.  We will try to beat it within 72 hours, sooner if we can!

3.  If we can beat it by more than $100, you owe us $50 for our efforts!  (It’s a WIN:WIN)   Please note: You are only obliged to pay IF you like the AIRLINE, IF you like the timing and IF you can book it.  We don’t expect any money at all unless it works out for you.

4.  If we can’t, there is no charge at all for our time.

5.  Alternatively,  just give us your request, pay us the $50 and save all the time and trouble.  You are probably busy, while this is our life’s work!  (Not really, it’s more like a hobby.)

Hoping we can help you save a bucketload of money for you to spend on your trip,

Jon and Jenny