Roman and David with us in Adelaide

This section features case studies of people who are doing similar things to ourselves. They are ‘living the dream’ by travelling the world doing little or no work.

Case Study No 1:  David and Roman

David and Roman stayed at our place as couchsurfers.  They were 2 Austrian travellers in their mid 20′s who love travelling the world!  David is a travel agent and his friend Roman works in the metal industry.  David has visited over 100 countries and Roman isn’t (wasn’t?) far behind him.  They put just about all their spare money towards travelling.  David, being a travel agent, accesses lots of the best travel bargains world-wide.  He is also able to access some great accommodation deals, but being couch-surfers they often stay for nothing!

As part of their Australian adventure, they hired a car in Sydney, visited Canberra, drove to Melbourne, drove the ocean road to Adelaide where they stayed with us, shot up to Uluru and back in a couple of days (stayed with us again) and then drove back to Sydney. For the record, they preferred Melbourne to Sydney, mainly because of the coffee culture, didn’t like Canberra at all, but thought Glenelg beach near Adelaide was the pick of the bunch!

They have many great stories to tell from their travels around the world, many involving cars and the police.  They have excellent English from all their communication with their hosts.  To them the highlight of their travelling is meeting the locals.  They genuinely appreciated the opportunity of staying with us and may well catch up with us later in 2012 after the Olympics.

  Case Study No. 2  Jodie

Jodie is a former lawyer from Montreal, Canada, who is eating her way around the world. She has had some amazing adventures and seems full of joy at her decision to change her life. She supports herself through photography, travel and food writing.

You can read her blog at





Case Study No 3: Wayne and Pat Dunlap

Wayne and Pat Dunlap are another couple, doing similar things to ourselves.  By the look of their travelling and budgetting they have a slightly higher budget to our own, but have had some great travel experiences.

They have rented out their home and have travelled for the past few years.  In that time they have visited more than 50 countries, bringing their total of countries visited to 100!!  It has brought adventure and romance to their lives.

They claim, like us, that you can travel the world as cheaply as you can live at home.  They have got quite heavily into the commercial side of things too, with a book, sale items, advertising on their website and so on.

You can check out their website at