Our names are Jon and Jenny Stark and we are ex-teachers currently travelling the world on an exciting adventure.    



Put some magic into your life and live your dreams.

We are very excited to be living our lives as world nomads.  We have always dreamt of this; being free to choose wherever we would like to live.

We began our current trip at the beginning of 2012.  Our rough plan was built around the following:

2012: Asia, Europe, northern Africa, Middle East.

2013: South America, North America, Central America and the Caribbean

2014: Europe, northern Africa, Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia, the Baltics, eastern Europe, Turkey

Things that have made this possible are;

  1. having travelled overseas a lot
  2. having taught in Canada, Japan and China
  3. getting rid of lots of possessions
  4. downsizing to an apartment near the sea
  5. renting out our apartment fully furnished
  6. taking two years’ leave from teaching, then 3, then quitting
  7. accessing websites providing cheap or free accommodation

Our aims:

  • to subsidise our travels with rent from our apartment.
  • to inspire others to follow their dreams

We invite you to follow our adventures and contribute to this website with any ideas, advice or questions.  Help others to live exciting and rewarding lives.