Below are links to websites that have inspired us or helped us to plan our trip(s).

Your travel plans will more than likely be specific, so simply google what you are after.

Phi Phi Is. – Thailand

There are many fantastic sites for you to explore.  Some people have made it their life’s work to update their particular websites, while others are just rubbish.

Check out some of these, if they seem applicable to you:

     (accommodation, world-wide)     (accommodation, world-wide)     (accommodation, Asia) for train travel all over the world  for tips on what to do in various locations, good forums etc     (Australia’s travel advisory site)    (accommodation, world-wide)    (accommodation)     (food and travel blog)      (This may suit some people but seriously consider renting out your own property because this is where you get the steady income to pay for your travels.  If you house swap you still need to pay for everything somehow!)    (cheap international flights)     (Great website if you want to join an organisation where you stay free or accept guests for free.  Their motto: “Changing the world one couch at a time!”)    (cheap accommodation in Asia)    (for information on immunisations)

Fellow travelers:  We have come across some great world travelers who are Italian backpackers travelling around the globe.  They are Mark and Stephi and this is the link to their website:

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Which sites are the best!!??

As our travels have gone on, we have come to rely on a few sites almost exclusively!

For accommodation of 3 days or more we rely on

For shorter stays, eg 1 night near the airport, we use  They are vey similar to many other hotel booking sites, but you get a FREE night for every 10 that you book.

For flights I usually use or

And for tips on what to do in places we check out