Since our blogpost on Barcelona, we have spent a little more time in Spain.  We had a great time in Valencia, Granada (above) and Malaga, followed by Seville and Madrid.









Being Spain, it was no coincidence that we happened to be there during a couple of festivals: an amazing Easter Festival (above) in Granada and then the annual festival in Seville .(below) Fun times!










Here then are a few snippets about Spain:

*  Some of the hanging hams look as old as the buildings.

*  The Spanish know how to party!

*  After the lunch-time alcohol, many Spanish NEED their siesta.

*  You wouldn’t want to be a bull in Spain.

*  The wine and beer are ridiculously cheap: a 6-pack costs less than a bottle in some other countries.

*  At the Seville Festival, horse-shit and  cobble-stones don’t mix.

*  The ladies of Seville look stylish in their Flamenco dresses.










*  The Spanish sound like they lisp when they talk.  And I always thought Nadal had a speech impediment.-Barthelona!

*  There are definite signs that Spain was once the greatest nation on Earth.

*  Christopher Columbus was lost when he discovered America. Now America is lost.  Ironic.

*Lovely weather and beaches!









* Gaudi, with all his talent, did not deserve to die a pauper.

*  Picasso was prolific and talented.

*  Barcelona Football Club fills its 94 000 stadium for matches, but is broke and wants to build a bigger and better one.

*  Gaudi was sometimes gaudy with his creations.

*Lovely castles – especially Malaga’s!








* Sagreda Familia, Gaudi’s iconic cathedral, one century on, is still ahead of its time and still unfinished.

*  Sangria looks like punch and packs a punch.

*  Tapas, ah tapas! Yum!

*Beautiful countryside.









*  Valencia is famous for its oranges and deserves to be.

*  Leo Messi, Barcelona FC, is a great soccer player, but Neymar Junior, same team, may be even better.

*   At Easter, many Catholic celebrants parade in Ku Klux Klan outfits, which can be unsettling for many Americans.

*  The Spanish festivals all seem to go for a week.

*  If you are going to celebrate for a week, and party all night, you need to pace yourself.

*  To see the fair in Seville, you would never suspect that the economy was in trouble.