Cousin Blythe's apartment - Riverside CA

Cousin Blythe’s apartment – Riverside CA



After the thrills and spills of Las Vegas, it was time to get back to the ‘real world.’  And what better place to experience it than in the city of Riverside, California.






Cousin Blythe

Cousin Blythe



Any tour of the United States should include a trip to Riverside, because that’s where my cousin Blythe currently lives.  It’s at the centre of everything!  Even if you catch the bus from Vegas to LA, the bus stops at Riverside.  Megabus, 11 bucks!  As Elvis said, “Thank you very much!”

From Riverside, you are well placed to go to LA, San Diego, LAX, the deserts, the beaches, the mountains, the lakes, whatever.


As it turned out, Blythe was heading off to Hawaii for a holiday, so we were able to house-sit and use his car while he was away.  But we also spent some time with him before and after his trip.

My first introduction to the LA freeway system was driving back home from LAX.  This is where the phrase ‘baptism of fire’ was created.  Six lanes of speeding traffic, lane changes and truck sandwiches followed.  At least his car was big and solid and we had a GPS system on board!



Another cousin Jodie & her husband Dana gave us a grand tour of the beaches between Laguna Beach & San Diego.







Palm Springs

Palm Springs


Hot! Hot! Hot!

The desert town of Palm Springs was somewhere we had always wanted to see.

We started by buying a map of the STARS homes and doing a driving tour which was fun.







Street Market - Palm Springs

Street Market – Palm Springs


The night street market in Palm Springs was the place to be.








Highlights of our stay included:

  • Wandering around the neighbourhood
  • Wines at the Mission Inn
  • Lunch with Jodie & Dana at The Lavender Farm
  • Dinner at Romano’s
  • A day at the beaches (Laguna, Crystal Cove) with Jodi and Dana
  • Catching up with Auntie Joan
  • Visiting some display homes: amazing value
  • A day at Bear Lake, elevation 8000 feet and beautiful countryside
  • Valley View Casino on a free day trip
  • Wandering around Riverside
  • hanging out by the pool
  • Checking out the local shopping centre
  • Having a ‘home’ for a change: thanks Blythe!
  • Cousin Jodie & Dana at The Lavender Farm

    Cousin Jodie & Dana at The Lavender Farm