Rocky Balboa statue

Philli was our next stop after Atlantic City. 

We only allowed ourselves a couple of days in the USA’s old capital but we managed to pack in some interesting experiences:

The Museum of Art, featuring the Rocky statue and the steps he famously ran up.

We did too!

Memo to self: need to get in shape.

Although a lot of Americans would have trouble doing it.




       The Sugar City Casino for an evening meal and more free slot dollars -Jenny the non-gambler managed to turn her free $20 in slot play into $160, but still continues NOT to be sucked in.

·         The annual Philadelphia Science Fair, with crazy scientists doing experiments

·         An antique market, with lots of interesting memorabilia

·         Walking along the Delaware River, lots of joggers

·         A famous Philadelphia cheesesteak: huge & pure cholesterol -It tasted OK, but last one I ever have!

·         The Reading Markets, great fresh food, coffee, atmosphere

·         The Liberty Bell, big and famous

·         Old Town, with many preserved/restored historic buildings

·         Penn’s Landing, recently upgraded riverfront area.

Only a couple of days in Phili, but a real insight into America’s history.

Town Hall