The main reason we went to Dubai was because our cruise ship, Celebrity Solstice, was leaving from there.  We had heard a lot of publicity about Dubai…. reclaimed land, seven star hotels, world’s tallest building and so on, so this was a chance to take a look.

We stayed in Dubai for 3 days, plus an extra day on the ship before it sailed.  Our hotel was way out of town, but taxi fares are very cheap, and it also came with a free shuttle bus to some of Dubai’s key attractions, so it worked out well for us.  The area was a kind of commercial zone but the hotel had a great pool, nice cafe and complimentary newspapers. The roof top pool had the hottest water we have ever experienced and that was just from the sun. – Lovely.

There are some amazing shopping malls in Dubai which are well worth a look, but it’s not the sort of place you would be returning to, except for a holiday in the sun at a resort.  Having said that, what they have in building an impressive city in the desert is nothing short of incredible.  It’s staggering what a bit of oil can do… an overpriced product if ever there was one!







So, what is there to see…..

* the Burj Khalifa building, which is (was?) the world’s tallest building

* the Burj Al Arab, the famous 7 star hotel

Burj Al Arab













* Palm Island and the stunning Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis Hotel










*a whole bunch of impressive shopping centres

The Dubai Mall is built around the Burj Khalifa building and features an aquarium, an ice rink and a great water setting.  There is a water and light show displayed nightly.

The Mall of the Emirates features an indoor ski resort where they supply the punters with skis, toboggans and even appropriate clothing.



They have also tried to make Dubai a kind of sports mecca, with international golf, tennis, horse-racing, cricket, rugby and even their own F1 Grand Prix.




All the big brands are in town and there are numerous fancy cars around the place, no doubt connected to oil again.  Men in flowing white robes are everywhere.  With heaps of expats and plenty of money, there seems to be an almost obscene fascination on spending.  Unless you are into desert activities, or sun-worship, there isn’t much else to do.

Well worth the visit.