No visit to London is complete without a visit to Abbey Road.  A short stroll from St John’s Wood subway station, Abbey Rd features the famous crossing from the Abbey Rd album cover as well as the Abbey Rd studios, where The Beatles recorded many of their songs.

We had great fun there.  Lots of Beatles fans arrived over the twenty minutes or so that we were hanging around.  There was a lot of interest in my Abbey Rd T-shirt (scored in Thailand) because it featured the actual photo for accuracy purposes.  There was a guy called Brian, ex-Winnipeg, who had all the camera angles sussed out.  (You need to face up the street towards the studio and stand on the square shaped man-hole for best effect.)

Also there during our visit was a group of four young American guys, all born after The Beatles had ‘finished’ and a bare-footed guy in a suit who was doing a tribute to his mate for his birthday.  He was singing the line “You say it’s your birthday!” as he was being filmed.  Surprisingly there were no salespeople around to milk the moment.  We reckon T-shirts, souvenirs, even suits for hire would be popular.


We happily photographed some other groups and made up the numbers for groups that were short of their 4 members.  The road was quite busy, with cars, buses, vans and taxis all zipping past so you had to choose your moments for the photos.  We scored a few blasts from peoples’ car-horns but most of the motorists didn’t appear too fussed.


We ignored the ‘Do not enter’ sign at the Abbey Rd studios for a few photos on the steps (thank you Brian!)  We also noted the website where you can check out CCTV coverage of the crossing for 24 hours, and later found ourselves.

You are encouraged(?) to write graffiti on the wall outside the Abbey Rd studios at number 3, which is painted over every 3 months.

Well worth a visit!